Deswik is a global consulting and technology company that delivers efficiency focused solutions to the mining industry across all sectors – Open Cut Coal, Underground Coal, Open Pit Metals and Underground Metals. Their dedicated team of Mining Engineers and Software Developers provide solutions that deliver measurable value to our clients through our software, consulting and training offerings. Leveraging decades of professional software development experience and a proven history of building technical mining applications, Deswik provides industry-leading tools to ensure that mine plans are robust, transparent and achievable. Deswik software has been developed to take advantage of the latest high performance technologies and cutting-edge computing algorithms, all accessed through a flexible, intuitive interface. By avoiding the legacy issues faced by other older packages, coupled with outstanding customer support, Deswik is able to provide complete solutions to meet the demands of modern mining.


MCB has become Deswik software representative to be able to deliver quality and reliable services to its customers, in addition to efficient tools to enable them to achieve quick and economic results.

Authorized commercialization of diverse Deswik modules aims at providing your business with both technological and productivity benefits. Get in touch and schedule a technical visit, so you can get to know the products and be shown the various solutions and applications of our technologies.

MCB sales team relies on wide-ranging technical knowledge to be able to test out the applicability of our tools to each specific case, as well as to walk you through technological and productivity gains you’ll benefit from by using Deswik.


Each MCB customer can rely on all required support for software implementation and learning.

For excellence services, MCB values the post-sales process with its customers, in order to follow up the whole roll-out experience. Thus, software implementation is scheduled and carried out as per customer’s demand.

Our implementation team is duly qualified and trained to provide customers with prompt and high-quality services.


MCB works with flexibility to better understand its customers’ demands. With that in mind, the company counts on both on-site and online support.

For more specific and complex demands, on-site support visit is scheduled with an expert engineer, in order to quickly and accurately attend to the demand. As for minor demands, online support is provided via skype, e-mail or telephone calls, according to the customer’s availability and accessibility.

Customers and partners can count on total support and promptness from our team.


MCB makes use of various methodologies and means to thoroughly train its customers and partners on how to effectively use its technologies and software products. Training sessions are put together according to the specific demand of each software product, customer and application.

The company flexible approach to attend to its customers enables them to choose whether training sessions must be held on site or at MCB headquarters. Our team is able and always Ready to attend you.